The Answer is TMC and Desmos.

The question is: What made you start a Blog?

I attended the most amazing professional development last week. I traveled over 1200 miles to attend the 2015 Twitter Math Camp. Wait for it…TWITTER MATH CAMP? Here is the background: A little over a year ago I started to follow some of the most amazing people on twitter. One of the events that really got my interest was TMC 2014. I decided then that I would be at the next Twitter Math Camp. I since survived TMC15! I was one of the introverts that was pushed out of our comfort zone (which we need). I did avoid the late night shenanigans (maybe next year). YEA TMC16 Minneapolis, MN.

And then there was Desmos! I have been one of the biggest fans of Desmos since I first discovered it. While at TMC I spent six hours working on Desmos with four great facilitators. I thought I was proficient with Desmos before, but found out there was much more to learn. And then, Eli Luberoff (Desmos CEO) showed up and introduced us to the Desmos Activity Builder (that was actually released one week later).

Back to the question…At TMC there was a push to blog or start your own blog. I didn’t feel like I had enough to say on a regular basis, and that may still be unproven. But, as I worked for a long time mentally unpacking what I brought home from TMC, I decided I needed a place to organize my thoughts. I think I made an obvious discovery, blogs aren’t always to tell other people stuff, as much as to tell yourself stuff.

So there, I am putting myself out there, but mainly to organize the stuff in my head. Just because TMC15 and Desmos both continue to blow my mind.


5 comments on “The Answer is TMC and Desmos.

  1. Congratulations on your first blog. TMC15 was my first as well.
    I wished I had attended the Desmos sessions, but enjoyed mine about using activities.
    Welcome to #MTBos


  2. Lisa says:

    Yay! Glad to see you blogged! I find blogging helps me organize the stuff in my head also, so I tend to blog when I have something I am pondering. I do also share stuff I do in my classroom.

    I really like this line: “…blogs aren’t always to tell other people stuff, as much as to tell yourself stuff.”

    It was good to meet you at TMC15!


    • Riehlt says:


      Thank you for all you do for the mathematics community. You are truly changing the world! I continue to be amazed at the fact that I have taught for so many years and I am still learning how to do a better job in my profession. TMC15 blew my mind. It literally took me 5 days just to decompress.

      Thank you!


  3. Claire says:

    I’m an introvert and follower of math people on Twitter as well. Attended the conference 2nd hand, via the Tweets and Blogs of the attendees.

    Thanks for your courage to blog about your experience. I’m currently working up the courage to do the same, although I wonder what I have to say that anyone would read… but it might be interesting as a professional journal so I could see my growth as I change things in my classroom.

    Lots to think about!!!

    Have a great school year!


  4. Congrats on your first post! I agree that blogging is sometimes more for me than others, it’s great to have a record of what I did so I can go back and look the next year. Glad you had a great time at TMC and hopefully I’ll see you next year in MN!


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