My Heroes

I have many heroes in my life. I would like to tell you about two of them and why they are my heroes.

My daughter @jwbrackney is one of my heroes. She is a middle school math teacher that has an impressive number of success at a relatively early stage in her career. Since she was a young girl, I always thought she tried to take on too much. Even now as she has twin 6 year old girls, she continues to take on too much, but somehow accomplishes everything she tries to do with great success and finesse. We have had countless hours of conversations about teaching math and I know that I have learned as much from her as she has from me. Our time together reflecting on what works for kids has benefited hundreds of our students. The latest professional concept that I am stealing from her is Objective Based Grading. It all makes so much sense and I would have never made the change if it wasn’t for her trying it first and talking me into trying it. For more on that see my blog post on Objective Based Grading.

My son @stevenriehl is another one of my heroes. What he does with computers is nothing short of amazing and the attitude he has towards manipulating computers to benefit others is beyond amazing. His gift for computers started at a young age. I am the kind of person that people come to when they have computer questions, but my son’s computer ability surpassed me when he was in middle school. While in high school he designed our school district website that was used for about 5 years. After two or three different professional web designers re-designed it, I still hear teachers saying they wish they had the old design back. He is currently our school district’s Information Specialist in charge of many of our student databases. He makes Powerschool, our district’s grades and information system,  dance to the tune of everyone in the district. If you want it to happen, he makes it happen. His positive and “can do” attitude impresses everyone that has contact with him. I am so glad to have him on speed dial for tech assistance.

My daughter and son are my heroes for many other more personal reasons, but I wanted to share how proud I am of them as they became colleagues and professionals. Makes a father proud!



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